Other Third Party Tools

There are several tools that the Hull Seals use in order to serve clients and run our systems. These services are invaluable to us, and we thank each and every one of them. The Seals are a true believer in Free and Open Source software, without which we could not exist.


Hover.com is the domain registration service used by the Hull Seals to host and manage hullseals.space. They excel in affordable, reliable domain services. Want your own domain? Use This Link to earn $2 off your purchase, and support the Seals.


The Hull Seals use Amazon Web Services to host our web-based services, including the website you're currently on, and ensure fast, reliable servers for us to host our site on. 


Bookstack is a self-hosted wiki solution used by the Hull Seals. This is what allows us to host and sort all of our documentation, guides, and procedures in an easy-to-navigate searchable environment. Without this platform, we have no idea how we'd host our information


Discord is a free voice and text chat that the Hull Seals have used in the past. During Distant Worlds 2, our founding, and even in our early development, Discord was used to communicate and plan the setup of the organization as you see it today. Without Discord, most of the first Seals would never have met!


Zoho is the mail client used by the Hull Seals. Ever gotten a message from an @hullseals.space account? That's hosted by these guys! 


Cloudflare is a worldwide CDN, DNS, and security manager used by the Seals in their web-facing assets. Cloudflare both reduces the strain on our host through caching, but also provides security and DNS management.


Anytime something breaks, or services go offline for maintenance, it's our duty to inform people what's going on. Through a clean and easy-to-use webpage, Freshping allows our tech corps to inform about incidents and the status of our many many services.

Other awesome tools used by the Seals:


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