Guides and Terms

Wanting to get a repair? Come read about the terminology you'll encounter.

How to Find the Nearest Station and Long Route Plotting

Suggested Ship Builds and Modules

Common Terms

Here's a list of some common terms and abbreviations used during repair procedures. These are not required, nor official. As such, this list is provided as a courtesy. You are encouraged to use whatever works for you, so long as others can understand easily. In general, + is used for an affirmative or a good result, and - for a negative or bad result.

Used during Repair Ops:

Common Terms and Abbreviations

Common Mistakes and Issue Troubleshooting

General Troubleshooting

During rescues, there are numerous issues that can present themselves. This guide is designed to help Seals fix these issues onthe-go.




Other Tips and Tricks

Sometimes, Seals find resources or tools that are useful to share, that we think are worth sharing. However, these don't exactly fit well in other categories or on other pages. This page contains a few resources that we've found over our time in the Galaxy.

Please keep in mind, this page contains links to resources the Seals are not responsible for and have no control over their content. Please contact us with any questions or concerns, and be careful about what sites you visit on the web.

Charts and Graphs

Ship Size Chart



Stellar Object Scan Chart


Stellar Object Value Calculation (Approximate)


Source: Fleetcomm Discord Bot

Efficiency Target Plotter


Reddit and Forum Guides

Unlocking Engineers quickly:

Guardian Modules:

Guardian Weapons:

Guardian SLFs:

Finding Escape Pods:

Material Engineering Database:

Mining Info

When it comes to the Seals, one of the most important people to have around during Code Blacks is our miners.

iMU mining guide. All things mining:

Hotspot overlap locator tool:

To find the best selling price of painite:

iMU Discord:


Calculations for fragments coming off rock faces with lasers
Laser Size Factor Power Usage
Small 1.0 1x
Lance 1.2 1.2x
Medium 3.0 2x

Broken Canopy Navigation


Galaxy Navigation

Down to Earth Astronomy Program:
Video about the software:

Neotron’s program:

Technical Guides and Tools

Keybind Backup:

Elite: Dangerous Ports:
These are the TCP and UDP ports in use by the game.

TCP 4430/6661
UDP 19364/3478/3479

Other Text Guides

Mat Farming Guide


Thargoid Mats
HIP 17403 A4 crashed ship
1/2 way between the 2 lower ships, sensors will roll down the hill and can be shot to get Sensor fragments. Relog and do it again.
(my favorite location, also available at the location below)

Hyades sector aq-y d81
meta alloys and thargoid mats.

Synuefe EN-H d11-96
Look for "convoy" and “ship wreckage” signal sources to find the guardian mats per Will’s post here:

Synuefe NL-N C23-4 B 3
48.1808, -48.3718
There are two Obelisks right next to each other. Stand in between them. Scan both, relog, rinse and repeat.
From CirrusFlare

Manufactured Mats
Synuefe jb-g b58-6 6h
“Camp C-N04”
Hyades Sector DR-V c2-23 A 5
Dav’s hope
Or any high-grade signal source

HIP 12099 planet 1b
Jameson’s crashed cobra
For data mats and trade.

Raw mats
Outotz HD-J D9-3
Planet B 8 D Antimony.

HiP 36601
Planet C 1 A Polonium
Planet C 1 D Ruthenium
Planet C 3 B Tellurium
Planet C 5 A Technetium.

Outotz LS-K D8-3
Planet B 5 A Yttrium

Your mileage may vary. However, for a general feel of things, this is the "Community-Suggested" pins.

Core Internals
Selene Jean: Armor (not HRPs, because you can taxi HRPs out and do them there)
Hera Tani: Power Plants (Armored)
Elvira Martuuk: FSD (Longrange)
The Dweller: Distributors
Professor Palin: Thrusters
Lori Jameson: Life Support (No G5s)
Juri Ishmaak: Detailed Surface Scanner
Marco Qwent: Power Plants (Overcharge up to G4)
Felicity Farseer: FSDs (Shielded)
Tiana Fortune: Sensors

Optional Internals
Lei Chung: Shield Generators
Bris Dekker: FSD Interdictors (No G5s)

Utility Slots
Didi Vatermann: Shield Boosters
Ram Tah: Heatsinks

The Sarge: Cannons
Broo Tarquin: Beams/Pulses/Bursts
Zacariah Nemo: Frag Cannons
Liz Ryder: Missiles or Torpedoes
Tod McQuinn: Multicannons or Rails
Bill Turner: Plasma Accelerators

Quick and Dirty Seal Ships

No Engineering, No Fluff, quick and dirty.


Asp X

Krait Phantom


Ship Technical Stats

Jump Ranges:

How to Get Ships Fast:


Completely subject to change.



Fantastic Shortlinks and Where They Lead

The following is a list of shortlinks that the Seals use, and where they lead. This list is not exhaustive, and many such links exist.


Fleet Carriers

The Hull Seals plans to operate 3 Fleet Carriers, providing essential services to Explorers across the galaxy.

H.S.C. Limpet's Call

The Limpet's Call, the flagship of the Seal Fleet, operates as a member of the Deep Space Support Array, a coalition of Carriers by Fleetcomm and the Distant Worlds Organization. The Limpet's Call is currently stationed in Phroi Bluae QI-T e3-3454, to support explorers and provide an anchor point and base in the Rykers Hope region as part of the DSSA.

H.S.C. [Name TBD]

The [Name] operates on an at-rental basis for expeditions, providing a dedicated repair and support array for expeditions. Unlike usual Seal services, this does come at an in-game fee.

Expeditions who rent out the carrier must cover all fuel, upkeep, and maintenance costs for the carrier, for the duration of the expedition. This fee can be covered in many different ways, from material donations, commodity markets, and others.

If you'd like to rent out the carrier for your expedition, contact us!

H.S.C. [Name TBD]

The [Name] is the Seal's last resort when all else fails. She is the Seal's ace-in-the-hole. A massive logistical response - but no cost is too great to help a client.

If a Client gets themselves into a system they cannot escape from, if practical, the Seals will jump the [Name] into system to attempt a rescue of the client. This situation is a logistical challenge - and is an option not chosen lightly.


This is a Silly Article
The content in here isn't to be taken super-sealiously, and is provided for laughs.


"Soon" is a general term used by the Seal Leadership (and Seals in general) that provides no context for actually when a particular thing will be done or released. All "Soon" means is that it is under consideration by the Seal staff, in discussion, or in development.

"Soon" does not imply a particular date, time, state of being, flow of direction, or any specific point in our understood reality in the past, present, or future. There is no guarantee that "Soon" will ever happen, or that it won't happen. Any promises of "Soon" should be taken lightly. "Soon" can be interchanged with many other words that all mean the same or similar things, including but not limited to "Could", "Might," "Plans to be," "Near Future", "Recent", and more.

"Soon" is dependent on a number of factors, both in and out of the control of the Seals, including timezones, the difficulty of the task, the importance of the task, ethical dilemmas, the average cost of a pound of fish, unexpected maintenance, third-party vendor delays, unexpected heat-deaths of stars, new projects adopted, changes to the Elite and other games, and actually getting our scattered minds to focus on a single topic.

Types of Soon

We'll fill this out Soon.

Examples of "Soon"

Thing First Announced Actually Released
IRC On or Before 10 April 2019 November 23, 2020
CMDR Management v2 23 June 2020 24 June 2020
Automated Paperwork 10 August 2019 29 May 2020
Merch 16 April 2019 23 February, 2021
Ship Registry 28 April 2019 16 June 2020
Accounts System 15 July 2019 22 December 2019

See Also

Soon at the World of Warcraft Wiki
Valve Time at the Valve Developer's Community
Real Soon Now at the Wictionary

Ship Registry Codes

For some CMDRs, the Seals may be their primary - or only - social group in the game we all share and love. Sometimes, people want to rep and show off their ships, or emblazon their ships with things that identify them as Seals. This page will attempt to provide some cohesion and unity to the clutter of prefixes, registry numbers, and the like for both Carriers and Ships alike.

Some Guidelines

As this is a method of showing off your Seal membership in-game, any ship or carrier flying with either Seal prefixes, Seal registry codes or any other method of displaying "Seal" status, must conform to the following guidelines:

  1. Any Seal who is registered and in good standing may choose to make their ship or carrier a "Seal" vessel.
  2. Any Seal who is registered and in good standing may use any registered Seal prefix.
  3. Only the three carriers under the direct control of the Staff are considered "official" carriers.
    1. You may not advertise your carrier as "Official", and your actions are your own and not the groups.
  4. (For Carriers) If you are declaring an official "squadron" or backing as the Seals for things like expeditions or events, you must get Admin approval and follow the same procedures as you do with your regular ships.
  5. All ships named in this way, or displaying affiliation in any way to the Seals, may only engage in CONSENTUAL PvP only. The onus is on the Seal to be able to prove the PvP was consensual if issues arise.
  6. While on duty or on a call, PvP is forbidden.

Registry Numbers

You can view all registered Seal ships at Our Fleet page. Registration is optional. To manage your ships, go to our Vessel Registry portal.

All Seal ships begin with the prefix HS, and then a unique number of up to 4 digits. Variation is common among independent ships.

Ship Prefixes

This is a Silly Section

The content in here isn't to be taken super-sealiously, and is provided for laughs.

HSRC Hull Seals Rescue Carrier The Generic Prefix for Carriers
HSRV Hull Seals Rescue Vessel The Generic Prefix for Ships
HSHC Hull Seals Heavy Cruiser Medium and Large Combat Ships
HSPS Hull Seals Patrol Ship Small Ships
HSSS Hull Seals Support Ship Non-Combat vessels like limpet warehouses, etc.
HSXV Hull Seals Experimental Vessel We're breaking some serious science!
HSCV Hull Seals Cartographic Vessel Exploration and Mapping Vessels
HSS Hull Seals Ship An Alternative Generic Prefix
HSSC Hull Seals Small Craft, Hull Seals Support Carrier

SLFs, Shuttles, Tiny ships.

Alternatively, Support Carriers

KFRV KingFishers Rescue Vessel Kingfisher-primary vessels
HSCB Hull Seals Cargo Barge Cargo Ships
HSW Hull Seals Walrus Ships designed to defend clients from hostile NPCs, allowing time for the Client to escape.
HSA Hull Seals Auxillary Reserve Seal Ships
HSDV Hull Seals Decon Vessel Ships equipped with decon limpets
HSFB Hull Seals Fun Bus "Because y'all need a fun bus" ~ Flyerblade
HSTC Hull Seals Transport Carrier Carriers used to shuttle around Seals
HSFC Hull Seals Fuel Carrier Carriers used to refuel the other Seal carriers
HSMC Hull Seals Mining Carrier Carriers carrying Seal mining teams
HSMV Hull Seals Mining Vessel Seal Ships specialized for Mining
HSA Hull Seals Asylum Ships designed to contain Seals...


Frequently Suggested Things

It's often been said there's no such thing as a bad idea - and that's true enough. However, sometimes there ideas that are brought up a lot as "the next big thing" for the Seals, but for one reason or another just don't work out. While we don't discourage new ideas, sometimes after a topic gets brought up so many times, we have to lay it to rest.

Case Management in Discord!

Perhaps one of the most common suggestions is to cast off IRC and return to managing and receiving cases exclusively in Discord. Discord is great for groups of friends, and in fact the Seals maintain a social presence on Discord, but we don't take cases anymore there like we did during DW2. Discord has downtime we can't control, prevents our management of troublemakers who might join, requires accounts, and other issues that we can't control.

Roster Lists of Seals by Timezone

This is a super slippery slope that we're very, very uncomfortable treaing down. By rule, the only way for a Seal to be assigned to a case is to call jumps - even friendly "hey, XYZ are you online/can you take this?" makes us wary. We don't want Seals to feel pressured to Seal by being online, or being during their "usual" time. Sometimes, people can't respond but want to chat, and sometimes, people want to just play the game and not Seal.

While we encourage Seals to seal when they can, we don't want to make the Seals a "Seal all the time or leave" atmosphere either. Not to mention... you might be online, but on the other side of the galaxy. Sometimes, you're just plain out of range.