Ship Registry Codes

For some CMDRs, the Seals may be their primary - or only - social group in the game we all share and love. Sometimes, people want to rep and show off their ships, or emblazon their ships with things that identify them as Seals. This page will attempt to provide some cohesion and unity to the clutter of prefixes, registry numbers, and the like for both Carriers and Ships alike.

Some Guidelines

As this is a method of showing off your Seal membership in-game, any ship or carrier flying with either Seal prefixes, Seal registry codes or any other method of displaying "Seal" status, must conform to the following guidelines:

  1. Any Seal who is registered and in good standing may choose to make their ship or carrier a "Seal" vessel.
  2. Any Seal who is registered and in good standing may use any registered Seal prefix.
  3. Only the three carriers under the direct control of the Staff are considered "official" carriers.
    1. You may not advertise your carrier as "Official", and your actions are your own and not the groups.
  4. (For Carriers) If you are declaring an official "squadron" or backing as the Seals for things like expeditions or events, you must get Admin approval and follow the same procedures as you do with your regular ships.
  5. All ships named in this way, or displaying affiliation in any way to the Seals, may only engage in CONSENTUAL PvP only. The onus is on the Seal to be able to prove the PvP was consensual if issues arise.
  6. While on duty or on a call, PvP is forbidden.

Registry Numbers

You can view all registered Seal ships at Our Fleet page. Registration is optional. To manage your ships, go to our Vessel Registry portal.

All Seal ships begin with the prefix HS, and then a unique number of up to 4 digits. Variation is common among independent ships.

Ship Prefixes

This is a Silly Section

The content in here isn't to be taken super-sealiously, and is provided for laughs.

HSRC Hull Seals Rescue Carrier The Generic Prefix for Carriers
HSRV Hull Seals Rescue Vessel The Generic Prefix for Ships
HSHC Hull Seals Heavy Cruiser Medium and Large Combat Ships
HSPS Hull Seals Patrol Ship Small Ships
HSSS Hull Seals Support Ship Non-Combat vessels like limpet warehouses, etc.
HSXV Hull Seals Experimental Vessel We're breaking some serious science!
HSCV Hull Seals Cartographic Vessel Exploration and Mapping Vessels
HSS Hull Seals Ship An Alternative Generic Prefix
HSSC Hull Seals Small Craft, Hull Seals Support Carrier

SLFs, Shuttles, Tiny ships.

Alternatively, Support Carriers

KFRV KingFishers Rescue Vessel Kingfisher-primary vessels
HSCB Hull Seals Cargo Barge Cargo Ships
HSW Hull Seals Walrus Ships designed to defend clients from hostile NPCs, allowing time for the Client to escape.
HSA Hull Seals Auxillary Reserve Seal Ships
HSDV Hull Seals Decon Vessel Ships equipped with decon limpets
HSFB Hull Seals Fun Bus "Because y'all need a fun bus" ~ Flyerblade
HSTC Hull Seals Transport Carrier Carriers used to shuttle around Seals
HSFC Hull Seals Fuel Carrier Carriers used to refuel the other Seal carriers
HSMC Hull Seals Mining Carrier Carriers carrying Seal mining teams
HSMV Hull Seals Mining Vessel Seal Ships specialized for Mining
HSA Hull Seals Asylum Ships designed to contain Seals...


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