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Your Data, Streaming, and Privacy

The Hull Seals Chat is a public system, viewable by anyone from anywhere. Despite this, Seals are expected
to treat information they are exposed to with professionalism and discretion with regards to how your data
is treated. Below are some of our expectations.


We ask that no CMDR stream, record, screenshot, or otherwise transmit the contents of the Hull Seals chat
platform, to ensure the privacy of our clients. The exception to this rule are screenshots in which consent has
been explicitly given by every participant included in the screenshot. Any tools used or developed
specifically for the Hull Seals is likewise not to be recorded or transmitted.

If you are streaming in-game, we ask that you keep in mind that you represent the Hull Seals. You are
expected to follow all the guidelines of the streaming platform you are using. If a client asks you to not
stream their rescue, you are expected to either suspend your stream or ask to be unassigned from the

Streamers, if advertising Hull Seal business, are not to engage in PVP or combat when otherwise

Any rescues that are undertaken while streaming is encouraged to take place in a private group to avoid stream

Client Data

All information Clients give us is to be considered private and is not to be disclosed without the direct
permission of the client to anyone outside the Hull Seals.

Your Account

Your account is associated with you and you alone. Do not give out access to any accounts of yours
affiliated with the Hull Seals. You and you alone are responsible for all acts done under your accounts. Do
not share usernames or passwords with anyone else. Our tech support will never ask for your password. If
your account is compromised, inform our techs immediately.