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Distant Worlds Organization and Fleetcomm

The Distant Worlds Organization and Fleetcomm have perhaps more than any other organization or group in the Elite Dangerous community been fundamental and critical in their assistance in developing the Hull Seals to who they are today.


Fleetcomm is a Private Group within the Elite: Dangerous community. They provide a safe space for explorers and expeditions to travel and explore the galaxy, as well as operating out-of-game chat servers via Discord for the coordination and control of expeditions being hosted. This is where the idea of the Hull Seals was born, and Fleetcomm has been gracious enough to host our repair facilities and Seal coordination efforts whilst our own infrastructure is being developed.

The Fleetcomm Private Group has three very simple rules, which ensure the safety of all members.

  1. No CMDR may cause the destruction of another CMDRs ship.
  2. Any aggressive activity must be of mutual consent by all parties.
  3. When within 2km of any basecamp or waypoint, hardpoints must be stowed and speed restricted.

We thank Fleetcomm and the DWO for their support of the Hull Seals.