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The Fuel Rats

When it comes to Service Organizations in Video Games, almost nobody measures up to the goodwill and level of service that the Fuel Rats provide. They have been a constant benchmark for what we hope the Seals to become, and the origin of many Seal processes you see today.


The Fuel Rats are CMDRs in the galaxy who assist ships who have run out of fuel or become stranded due to fuel requirements. The Fuel Rats are notorious for having a very altruistic motivation - they do not take sides, do not get involved in politics, and will help anyone, regardless.

The Rats are a self-described collective with no hierarchy. There are no assigned leaders or jobs, as the group as a whole is in agreement on what needs to be done. Founded in June of 3301, the Rats have continued to expand and grow, and have become one of the foremost player factions in gaming. For their constant service, advice, and help to the Hull Seals and the greater gaming community, we thank them.